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Publications by Katerina Pattichis:
K. Pattichis, M. Kajbaf & J.W. Gorrod (1991)
The in vitro metabolism of Mifentidine and two of its derivatives by different species. Progress in Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology 8:31-40

M. Kajbaf, J.H. Lamb, S. Naylor, K. Pattichis & J.W. Gorrod (1991)
Identification of metabolites derived form the H2-receptor antagonist Mifentidine using Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Analytica Chimica Acta 247 (2) 151-159.

M. Kajbaf, M. Jahanshahi, K. Pattichis, J.H. Lamb, J.W. Gorrod & S. Naylor (1992). Rapid and efficient purification of Cimetropium bromide and Mifentidine drug metabolite mixtures derived from microsomal incubates for analysis by Mass Spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography 575: 75-85.

K. Pattichis, J. Jarman, V. Glover, M. Sandler, G. Aislaitner & J.W. Gorrod (1992). Red wine as a migraine trigger: Examination of its effects on 14C-5-hydroxytryptamine release from platelets.In: "5-Hydroxytryptamine Mechanisms in Primary Headaches" Ch. 32, pp 242-246, J. Olesen & P.R. Saxena (Eds.), Raven Press Ltd, New York.

K. Pattichis, L.L. Louca, J. Jarman, M. Sandler & V. Glover (1993)
Phenolic substances in red wine and release of platelet 5-hydroxytryptamine. Lancet 341:1104

K. Pattichis, L.L. Louca, M. Kajbaf & J.W. Gorrod (1993)
Mifentidine, a formamidine, is metabolised to a urea; a new metabolic pathway. Medical Science Research 21: 747-748

R. Hering, T. Catarci, K. Pattichis & V. Glover (1993)
5-HT in migraine patients with medication-induced headache.
Cephalalgia 13: 410-412

K. Pattichis, L.L. Louca, J. Jarman & V. Glover (1994)
Red wine but not white wine can cause a rise in human whole blood 5-Hydroxytryptamine level. Medical Science Research 22: 381-382

V. Glover, K. Pattichis, J. Jarman, R. Peatfield & M. Sandler (1994)
How does red wine cause migraine?In: "New Advances in Headache Research" 3 Ch 25 pp 145-150, C.F. Rose (Ed.), Smith Gordon & Co Ltd, London.

K. Pattichis, L.L. Louca & V. Glover (1994)
Quantitation of soluble superoxide dismutase in rat striata, based on the inhibition of nitrite formation from hydroxylammmonium chloride. Analytical Biochemistry 221: 428-431

K. Pattichis, L.L. Louca, J. Jarman, M. Sandler & V. Glover (1995)
5-Hydroxytryptamine release from platelets by different red wines: implications for migraine.European Journal of Pharmacology (Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology Section) 292:173-177

K. Pattichis & L.L. Louca (1995)
Histamine, histamine H2-receptors and antagonists, gastric acid secretion and peptic ulcers: an overview. Drug Metabolism and Drug Interactions 12:1-36.

K. Pattichis, L.L. Louca, A. Clow & V. Glover (1995)
Effects of pergolide, (-)-deprenyl and thioridazine on soluble SOD, catalase and glutathione peroxidase in rat striata. Medical Science Research 23: 733-735.

J. Jarman, K. Pattichis, R. Peatfiled, V. Glover & M. Sandler (1996)
Red wine-induced release of [C-14]5-hydroxytryptamine from platelets of migraine patients and controls. Cephalalgia 16: 41-43

C. Di Salvo, L.L. Louca, K. Pattichis, J. Hooper, R.K. Walesby (1996)
Does activated neutrophil depletion on bypass by leukocyte filtration reduce myocardial damage? A preliminary report. Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery (Torino) 37 (6 Suppl 1) 93-100.

K. Pattichis, M. Kajbaf & J.W. Gorrod (1997)
In vitro studies on the metabolic fate of Mifentidine, a novel histamine H2-receptor antagonist. European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics 22:155-164.

G.J. Kontoghiorghes, K. Pattichis, M. Hadjigavriel & A. Kolnagou (2000). Transfusional iron overload and chelation therapy with defereoxamine and deferiprone (L1). Transfusion Science 23: 211-223

Kontoghiorghes G.J., Pattichis K., Neocleous K., Kolnagou A. (2004)
The design and development of deferiprone (L1) and other iron chelators for clinical use: targeting methods and application prospects. Current Medicinal Chemistry 11: 2161-2183.



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