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Kontoghiorghes PRI Director

GJ Kontoghiorghes
PRI Director



The Postgraduate Research Institute is directly involved in the organisation of the International Conference on Oral Chelation for the treatment of Thalassaemia and Other Diseases (ICOC): the director of PRI is the standing chairman of the ICOC committee.

ICOC International committee

G.J. Kontoghiorghes (Limassol, Cyprus. ICOC Chairman)
J.J.M. Marx (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
C.T. Peng (Taichung, Taiwan)
V. Eybl (Pilsen, Czech Republic)
A. Maggio (Palermo, Italy)
P. Tondury (Berne, Switzerland)
C. Politis (Athens, Greece)
P. Nielsen (Hamburg, Germany)
A. Kolnagou (Paphos, Cyprus)
D.R. Richarsdson (Sydney, Australia)
L. Korkina (Moscow, Russia)
P. Pootrakul  (Bangkok, Thailand)
M.B. Agarwal ( Mombay, India)
S.Y. Ha ( Hong Kong, China)
K.N. Raymond ( Berkeley, USA)
R.W. Evans (London, UK)
S. Fukuda ( Chiba, Japan)
P. Ioannou ( Melbourne, Australia)

1989 - London , UK. 1st ICOC
1990 - Bombay, India. 2nd ICOC
1991 - Nice, France. 3rd ICOC
1993 - Limassol, Cyprus. 4th ICOC
1994 - Milan, Italy. 5th ICOC
1995 - Nijmegen,Netherlands. 6th ICOC
1996 - Pilsen, Czech Republic. 7th ICOC
1997 - Corfu, Greece. 8th ICOC
1999 - Hamburg, Germany. 9th ICOC
2000 - Limassol, Cyprus. 10th ICOC
2001 - Catania, Italy. 11th ICOC
2002 - Santorini, Greece. 12th ICOC
2003 - Prague, Czech Republic. 13th ICOC
2004 - Utrecht, Holland. 14th ICOC
2005 - Taichung, Taiwan. 15th ICOC
2006 - Limassol, Cyprus. 16th ICOC (Download abstract book)
2007 - Guangdong Province, P.R.China. 17th ICOC
2008 - Athens, Greece. 18th ICOC
2009 - London, UK. 19th ICOC
2010 - Grand Rapids, MI, USA. 20th ICOC
2012 - Limassol, Cyprus. 21st ICOC
2013 - Paphos, Cyprus. 22nd ICOC
2014 - Paphos, Cyprus. 23rd ICOC
2015 - Paphos, Cyprus. 24th ICOC



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