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Publications by Charis Fessas

Kolnagou A, Fessas C, Papatryphonas A, Economides C, Kontoghiorghes GJ.
Prophylactic use of deferiprone (L 1) and magnetic resonance imaging T2* or T2 for preventing heart disease in thalassaemia.British Journal Haematology 2004 ;127:360-1.

Byrne-Quinn E, Fessas C
Beriberi heart disease in London. British Medical Journal 1969; 4:25-8.

Coni NK, Cowan GO, Fessas C.
The scimitar syndrome. British Journal Radiology. 1968; 41 :62-5.

Easton JA, Fessas C.
The incidence of Dohle bodies in various diseases and their association with thrombocytopenia. British Journal Haematology 1966; 12: 54-60

Fessas Ch, Karaklis A, Loukopoulos D, Stamatoyiannopoulos G, Fessas Ph.
Haemoglobin Nicosia – An α-chain variant and its combination with β-Thalassaemia. British Journal Haematology 1965; 11:323.

Fessas Ch.
Splenectomy in Thalassaemia. British Medical Journal 1972 ; 1:215-6.

Yawson GI, Fessas Ch, Boulton FE, Huntsman RG, Menzies IS.
The estimation of haemoglobin A2: Is visual assessment reliable? Journal Clinical Pathology 1974;27, 247.



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