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Several PRI studies have been published in a number of international journals including:


Biomarkers and Environment
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Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

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Publications by Stella Ioannou – Loucaides

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Efstathiou A, Ioannou-Loucaides S, Kolnagou A.
Chelators controlling metal metabolism and toxicity pathways: applications in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Hemoglobin. 2008;32:217-227.

Bonnett R, Ioannou S, Pearson C, Petty MC, Rogers-Evans M and Wilkins RF.
Preparation and film-forming properties of stellular porphyrin pentamers and their metal complexes. Journal Material Chemical. 1995; 5: 237- 42.

Bonnett R, Ioannou S, Moffat DC and Shukina EV.
The Identification of Deuteroetiohaem IX in Colorado Coal. Journal Chemical Society, Chemical Communicatons. 1993; 1564-66.

Bonnett R, Ioannou S, James A, Pitt CW and Soe MMZ.
Synthesis and Film Forming Properties of Metal Comlexes of Octadecyl Ethers of 5,10,15,20-Tetra(4-hydroxyphenyl) porphyrin. Journal Material Chemical. 1993; 3: 793-9.

Bonnett R, Ioannou S, James A, Pitt CW and Soe MMZ.
Octadecylethers of 5,10,15,20-Tetra (p-hydroxyphenyl) porpyrins and their Zinc Complexes: Synthesis and Film Forming Properties. Journal Material Chemical.1992; 2: 823-8.

Bonnett R, Ioannou S and Swanson FJ.
Propentdyopent and Related compounds. Part 4. Propentdyopent – Alkanol Adducts by the Photooxygenation of Pyrromethanones. Journal Chemical Society Perkin Transactions 1989; I: 711-4.

Bonnett R and Ioannou S.
Phototherapy and the Chemistry of Bilirubin, Molecular Aspects Medicine 1987; 9: 457-71.

Bonnett R, Ioannou S, White RD, Winfield U-J and Berenbaum MC.
Meso-Tetra (hydroxyphenyl) porphyrins, as Tumour Photosensitisers: Chemical and Photochemical Aspects. Photobiochemical Photobiophysics (suppl). 1987; 45–56.

Berenbaum MC, Alkande SL, Bonnett R, Kaur H, Ioannou S, White RD, Winfield U-J.
Meso-Tetra (hydroxyphenyl) porphyrins, a New Class of Potent Tumour Photosensitiser with Favourable Selectivity. British Journal Cancer. 1986; 54: 717-25.

Bonnett R and Ioannou S.
On the structure of the Alkanol Propentdyopent Adducts. Journal Chemical Society, Chemical Communications. 1986; 213-4.

Bonnett R, Buckley DG, Hamzetash D, Hawkes GE, Ioannou S, Stoll MS.
Photobilirubin II. Biochemical Journal.1984; 219: 1053-56.



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