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Several PRI studies have been published in a number of international journals including:


Biomarkers and Environment
Drugs of Today

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

SOSTE Notiziario

Transfusion Science

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Publications by Christina N Kontoghiorghe:

Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghe CN, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2014)
Transition of Thalassaemia and Friedreich ataxia from fatal to chronic diseases.
World Journal of Methodology 4:197-218

Kontoghiorghe CN, Andreou N, Constantinou K, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2014)
World health dilemmas: Orphan and rare diseases, orphan drugs and orphan patients.
World Journal of Methodology 4:163-188

Kontoghiorghe CN, Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2014)
Antioxidant targeting by deferiprone in diseases related to oxidative damage.
Frontiers Bioscience (Landmark Ed). 19:862-85.

Born T, Kontoghiorghe CN, Spyrou A, Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2013)
EDTA chelation reappraisal following new clinical trials and regular use in millions of patients: review of preliminary findings and risk/benefit assessment.
Toxicol Mech Methods. 23(1):11-17.

Kolnagou A, Michaelides Y, Kontoghiorghe CN, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2013)
The importance of spleen, spleen iron, and splenectomy for determining total body iron load, ferrikinetics, and iron toxicity in thalassemia major patients.
Toxicol Mech Methods. 23(1):34-41

Kontoghiorghe CN, Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ (2013)
Potential clinical applications of chelating drugs in diseases targeting transferrin-bound iron and other metals.
Expert Opin Investig Drugs. 22:591-618



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