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Publications by Annita Kolnagou:

Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghe CN, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2014)
Transition of Thalassaemia and Friedreich ataxia from fatal to chronic diseases.
World Journal of Methodology 4:197-218

Kontoghiorghe CN, Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2014)
Antioxidant targeting by deferiprone in diseases related to oxidative damage.
Frontiers Bioscience (Landmark Ed). 19:862-85.

Kolnagou A, Natsiopoulos K, Kleanthous M, Ioannou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2013)
Liver iron and serum ferritin levels are misleading for estimating cardiac, pancreatic, splenic and total body iron load in thalassemia patients: factors influencing the heterogenic distribution of excess storage iron in organs as identified by MRI T2*.
Toxicol Mech Methods. 23(1):48-56.

Born T, Kontoghiorghe CN, Spyrou A, Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2013)
EDTA chelation reappraisal following new clinical trials and regular use in millions of patients: review of preliminary findings and risk/benefit assessment.
Toxicol Mech Methods. 23(1):11-17.

Kolnagou A, Michaelides Y, Kontoghiorghe CN, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2013)
The importance of spleen, spleen iron, and splenectomy for determining total body iron load, ferrikinetics, and iron toxicity in thalassemia major patients.
Toxicol Mech Methods. 23(1):34-41

Kontoghiorghe CN, Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ (2013)
Potential clinical applications of chelating drugs in diseases targeting transferrin-bound iron and other metals.
Expert Opin Investig Drugs. 22:591-618

Kolnagou A, Kleanthous M, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2011)
Efficacy, compliance and toxicity factors are affecting the rate of normalization of body iron stores in thalassemia patients using the deferiprone and deferoxamine combination therapy.
Hemoglobin. 35(3):186-198.

Konstantinou E, Pashalidis I, Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ. (2011)
Interactions of hydroxycarbamide (hydroxyurea) with iron and copper: implications on toxicity and therapeutic strategies.
Hemoglobin. 35(3):237-246.

Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ (2010)
New golden era of chelation therapy in thalassaemia: the achievement and maintenance of normal range body iron stores.
Br J Haematol.2010 150(4):489-90.

Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ (2010)
Future challenges in the use of magnetic resonance imaging for the diagnosis of iron overload.
Blood Transfusion 8(4):309-10.

Kolnagou A, Kleanthous M, Kontoghiorghes GJ (2010)
Reduction of body iron stores to normal range levels in thalassaemia by using a deferiprone/deferoxamine combination and their maintenance thereafter by deferiprone monotherapy.
Eur J Haematol. 85(5):430-8

Kontoghiorghes G J, Spyrou A, Kolnagou A (2010)
Iron chelation therapy in hereditary hemochromatosis and thalassemia intermedia: regulatory and non regulatory mechanisms of increased iron absorption.
Hemoglobin. 34(3):251-264

Kontoghiorghes G J, Kolnagou A, Skiada A, Petrikkos G (2010)
The role of iron and chelators on infections in iron overload and non iron loaded conditions: prospects for the design of new antimicrobial therapies.
Hemoglobin. 34(3):227-239

Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ (2010)
Maintenance of normal range body iron store levels for up to 4.5 years in thalassemia major patients using deferiprone monotherapy.
Hemoglobin. 34(3):204-209.

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Kolnagou A, Peng CT, Shah SV, Aessopos A (2010).
Safety issues of iron chelation therapy in patients with normal range iron stores including thalassaemia, neurodegenerative, renal and infectious diseases.
Expert Opinion on Drug Safety 9(2):201-6.

Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ (2009)
Advances in the prevention and treatment are changing thalassemia from a fatal to a chronic disease. experience from a Cyprus model and its use as a paradigm for future applications.
Hemoglobin. 33(5):287-95.

Kolnagou A, Yazman D, Economides C, Eracleous E, Kontoghiorghes GJ (2009).
Uses and limitations of serum ferritin, magnetic resonance imaging T2 and T2* in the diagnosis of iron overload and in the ferrikinetics of normalization of the iron stores in thalassemia using the International Committee on Chelation deferiprone/deferoxamine combination protocol.
Hemoglobin. 33(5):312-22

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Efstathiou A, Kleanthous M, Michaelides Y, Kolnagou A (2009).
Risk/benefit assessment, advantages over other drugs and targeting methods in the use of deferiprone as a pharmaceutical antioxidant in iron loading and non iron loading conditions.
Hemoglobin. 33(5):386-97.

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Efstathiou A, Ioannou-Loucaides S, Kolnagou A.
Chelators controlling metal metabolism and toxicity pathways: applications in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Hemoglobin. 2008;32:217-227.

Kolnagou A, Economides C, Eracleous E, Kontoghiorghes GJ.
Long term comparative studies in thalassemia patients treated with deferoxamine or a deferoxamine/deferiprone combination. Identification of effective chelation therapy protocols.

Hemoglobin. 2008;32:41-47.

Kolnagou A, Michaelides Y, Kontos C, Kyriacou K, Kontoghiorghes GJ.
Myocyte Damage and Loss of Myofibers is the Potential Mechanism of Iron Overload Toxicity in Congestive Cardiac Failure in Thalassemia. Complete Reversal of the Cardiomyopathy and Normalization of Iron Load by Deferiprone.

Hemoglobin. 2008;32:17-28.

Kontoghiorghes G J, Kolnagou A.
Effective new treatments of iron overload in thalassaemia using the ICOC combination therapy protocol of deferiprone (L1) and deferoxamine and of new chelating drugs.

Haematologica 2006; 91:(ELT) 04.

Kolnagou A, Economides Ch, Eracleous E, Kontoghiorghes G J
Low serum ferritin levels are misleading for detecting cardiac iron overload and increase the risk of cardiomyopathy in thalassemia patients. the importance of cardiac iron overload monitoring using magnetic resonance imaging T2 and T2*.

Hemoglobin 2006; 30: 219-227.

Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes G J
Effective combination therapy of deferiprone and desferrioxamine for the rapid clearance of excess cardiac iron and the prevention of heart disease in thalassemia. the protocol of the international committee on oral chelators.

Hemoglobin 2006; 30: 239-249.

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Eracleous E, Economides C, Kolnagou A.
Advances in iron overload therapies. Prospects for effective use of deferiprone(L1), deferoxamine, the new experimental chelators ICL670, GT56-252, L1NAll and their combinations.

Curr Med Chem. 2005; 12: 2663-81.

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Kolnagou A.
Molecular factors and mechanisms affecting iron and other metal excretion or absorption in health and disease. The role of natural and synthetic chelators.

Curr Med Chem. 2005; 12: 2695-710.

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Kolnagou A, Eracleous E, Evans RW.
Iron mobilisation from transferrin by deferiprone (L1).

Br J Haematol. 2005 ;129:157.

Kolnagou A, Fessas Ch, Papatryphonas A, Economides Ch, Kontoghiorghes GJ
Prophylactic use of deferiprone (L1) and magnetic resonance imaging T2* or T2 for preventing heart disease in thalassaemia.

Brit J Haematol. 2004; 127:360-1.

Skordis N, Petrikkos L, Toumba M, Hadjigavriel M, Sitarou M, Kolnakou A, Skordos G, Pangalou E, Christou S.
Update on fertility in thalassaemia major.

Pediatr Endocrinol Rev. 2004 ;2 Suppl 2:296-302.

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Pattichis K, Neocleous K, Kolnagou A.
The design and development of deferiprone (L1) and other iron chelators for clinical use: targeting methods and application prospects.

Curr Med Chem. 2004;11:2161-83.

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Neocleous K, Kolnagou A.
Benefits and risks of deferiprone in iron overload in thalassaemia and other conditions. Comparison of epidemiological and therapeutic aspects with deferoxamine.

Drug Saf. 2003; 26: 553-84.

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Kolnagou A.
Deferiprone versus desferrioxamine in thalassaemia, and T2* validation and utility.

Lancet. 2003; 361:184.

Douvas GS, May MH, Kolnagou A, Kontoghiorghes GJ.
Effects on Mycobacterium avium replication in normal human macrophages by deferiprone (L1) and other iron chelators. Possible implications on toxicity.

Arzneimittelforschung. 2002;52:45-52.

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Pattichi K, Hadjigavriel M, Kolnagou A.
Transfusional iron overload and chelation therapy with deferoxamine and deferiprone (L1).

Transfus Sci. 2000 ;23:211-23.

Kontoghiorghes GJ, Agarwal MB, Grady RW, Kolnagou A, Marx JJ.
Deferiprone for thalassaemia.

Lancet. 2000 ;356:428-9.



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